Sartoretto Verna is the right partner for your pharmacy as are staff are highly qualified and specialised and we use a tried and tested method that is guaranteed to get results. If you refurbish your pharmacy with us, you will be able to enhance your professional image and gain an added commercial boost. The consequential increase in profits will be an excellent return on the capital invested in refitting or redesigning your pharmacy.

Building a new pharmacy from scratch involves a lot of planning, especially when it requires the renovation of a historic building. We work side by side our clients from the very start, involving them in carefully planning the final result. Throughout the process of designing a new pharmacy (from the preliminary study right the way through to the definitive and then final study), we respect the strategic decisions agreed beforehand and meticulously plan all the work that needs to be carried out in order to reach our objectives, ensuring that no unwanted surprises occur.

Our services:

  • Global project management (building and interior décor)
  • Interactivity, personalisation,
  • Communication and category management.

Trusting Sartoretto Verna with furnishing your chemist, drug store or pharmacy will guarantee that the new building delivers all the promised results that were agreed beforehand. This is due our rigorous methodology which is exhaustively employed by our in-housestaff of highly-qualified architects and engineers.

Over 1500 refurbishments and refits worldwide during the last 45 years are proof that we produce the desired results. On this site you will find the details of all our clients divided by location, size and number of storeys.