The company, managed by the third generation of Sartoretto Verna family,  is today present in 25 nations in 4 countries.

All over the world we export competence and design with a logical and essential research  that made our stile recognizable and timeless.

Our Italian office in Rome shows our vision of architecture and design for offices, meeting areas, entertainment  areas, gardens and hospitality. Artists’ works, pieces of historical design and technology “live together” in an setting that wants to communicate an emotion.

This is our goal.

Sartoretto Verna, which has its headquarter in Rome (IT) and its commercial offices, technical offices and showrooms in Rome (IT) and Turin (IT), has matured its know-how in pharmacies renovation and today it conceives and realizes high quality furniture systems and architectural projects thanks to a unique way of work we like to call “global project” .

All over the world we export Italian design, details obsessive attention and passion for arts and technology. We offer design and project management in order to realize new or already existing  business centers and offices aiming to offer innovative solutions using the latest technology and materials and searching for functional spaces and great atmosphere.

The project goal is to satisfy the client’s needs, optimize the space, and respect the agreed budget.

The design follows a specific and tested path; the whole process is performed by a high qualified multilingual internal staff. All of our coworkers are graduated engineers, architects and landscape painters.

Trough a careful structural examination of the place the project aims to best use the space either if it is an extension, a renovation or a new construction.


In agreement with the local companies, we provide the elaborated architectural executives necessary to realize the setting, fully respecting the project and the regulations.

Sartoretto Verna goal is to realize settings that communicate harmony, energy, professionalism, and atmosphere. We achieve this result thanks to the masterly use of the space, lights, materials, and finishes, just as the book “Wok in future” shows.