Visitors: Our menu

To know the city of Rome remains a wonderful experience , either if you have already been in Rome or if you have never seen it before.

If your goal is to build a business center or other offices, now you have one more reason to do so, using  the Sartoretto Verna MENU’ , after you booked an appointment, you will have our availability every day, 24 hours per day, including weekends.

– Are you coming by car?

Here you can see the best way to reach us and the hotels that best suite your needs.

Once you have reached our company, one of our employees, for free, will take your car to control the pressure of the wheels and to wash it internally and externally by hand.

 If you have an electric car, this stop will be useful for its recharge.

– Do you have children?

Our playground with swings, slides, goats with golden horns to ride and a dragon to be explored to the inside of its mouth, will make your children’s experience unforgettable.

– Won’t your partner come with you?

Our chauffeur will take her for a tour of the city,  to visit of a museum or just for shopping in downtown.

– Are you coming by plane?

We will suggest you the best hours and prices. One of our cars will pick you up at the airport, will bring you at the hotel and will take you to our company or to visit the different pharmacies, the most similar to your reality, that we realized.

During your stay, you will be assisted by a qualified employee who will illustrate you all our novelty.

Visiting our office, you will see how the void of a volume comes to life and conveys emotions trough the cutting and the use of the space,  trough the use and combination of materials, trough finishes and technology, always present but moderate.

Our goal is to show you how your premises can be transformed into a marvelous and efficient life and selling tool, because if you love our design, you will want it in your offices and your houses as well.

Work in future.